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Fancy Coats: SPOTS

Let's talk about animal spots! [Have students discuss things that are spotted - things they can see from where they are or things in general.]

In the video below, explore footage of Giraffes and other species with spots.

Students may discuss how the animals use their spots for camouflage:

  • Giraffes have leaf-like spots, which can help them blend into trees.

  • Spotted deer are able to blend into their surroundings.

Students may discuss the species' spots and how they compare:

  • Color differences: Giraffes' spots are variations of brownish color while the spots we saw on deer in the video are white.

  • Pattern differences: The spotting patterns between Cheetahs, Jaguars and Leopards aren't extremely obvious. Examine closer using the image below*.

Use these downloads for a fun educational experience!

Download PDF • 446KB

Download PDF • 467KB

*The image comparison for Cheetah, Jaguar and Leopard patterns from


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