Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch's (NBWR) mission and obligation to our heritage and ranching tradition is to provide a healthy and sound environment for the animals that call the Ranch home. We strive to ensure the survival and reproduction of these diverse species from around the world for future generations to enjoy. 

The gallery above includes the species in our animal population and their status determined by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Click photo for species IDs and classifications.

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“[C2S2] and member institutions are uniquely positioned to secure populations of endangered species for assurance and reintroductions. Given continued threats to critical habitats, an assurance population secured today is many species best bet for long-term survival.” Learn more:

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SPA “brings together experienced participants from conservation centers, private landowners, and zoological parks to maintain sustainable populations, facilitate breeding, create data to conserve priority species, and ultimately return species to their native habitat.” SPA is a program of C2S2. NBWR was an original member. Today, NBWR is still an active participant. Learn more:

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“With more than sixty accredited members, [ZAA] is the second largest trade association in the zoological sector; counting among its members some of the finest facilities in United States. ZAA’s focus begins with superior animal husbandry. Conservation, Education and Research are also major pillars of [ZAA’s work].” Learn more: