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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

40th Anniversary!

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June 17th - 21st



Guided Tour

Join one of our Safari Tour Guides for a guided tour through the safari and meet animals from around the world. Learn unique facts and hear personal stories from your Tour Guide.


Private Guided Tour

This private guided tour offers a unique experience. Exclusive to your family and friends, your guide will take your group on a journey to learn more about the over 500 animals that roam this Texas ranch land.  Enhance your tour with the GIRAFFE, the RHINO — or BOTH -- experiences. 

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Self-Guided Tour

Take your own vehicle on a driving safari through our 500-acre wildlife park. See and feed over 500 animals from 40 different species at your own pace. 


Giraffe Private VIP Experience

This tour is the Private VIP Tour with the addition of the Giraffe Experience.  You will get the opportunity to get an up-close experience with the giraffes and learn more about the three herds at NBWR along with our conservation efforts and partnerships for the dwindling populations in the wild.  


Rhino Private VIP Experience

This tour is the Private VIP Tour with the addition of the Rhino Experience.  A bonus to the already awesome experience of getting an up-close, personal experience with these gentle giants is also meeting big, baby Truda! She has learned to push her way in to get shared attention from visitors that come for this amazing opportunity.  This is another species that is in need of conservation efforts and our guides appreciate the opportunity to share that with visitors as well.


Group Adventures

In the comfort of your own caravan or bus, witness animals from around the world, visit giraffes, meet a troop of ring-tailed lemurs, enjoy lunch, and shop.


Educational Adventures

Take your class on a real safari where there's a learning adventure around every corner. Students will love being close to animals wilder than they are!



Prehistoric Experience

Walk amongst dozens of dinosaurs that move, breathe, and can't wait for you to maybe get a little too close. This excursion is sure to be memorable!


Aviary Experience

The only thing better than seeing our birds is feeding them! Come inside with food on popsicle sticks that dozens of budgies look forward to enjoying.


The conservation of animals and ranchland is of utmost importance to us at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. We actively collaborate with organizations worldwide to promote a sustainable future for both animals and the land they inhabit.

Wild About Education

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch is the perfect place to go on safari. But it's also a place to learn about the wonderful, wild world of animals. Click on the articles below or on "Read More" to learn something you didn't already know! 

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