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Aviary Experience

Let your wonder take flight.

Get very up close and very personal with almost 450 birds, including budgies, cockatiels, chickens, rosellas, starlings, freckled ducks, and wandering whistling ducks! This excursion's admission includes a seed stick in which your new bird friends will be very interested as you walk through an almost 1,200-square-foot aviary. The birds fly freely and land freely on trees, water features, bird baths, and people in the enclosure.

This unique experience promises to be unforgettable and is an exciting and educational add-on to your day at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Ticket Pricing:

> $5.00 for general admission ticket holders


Make your safari even better by adding this excursion!

You'll be able to select excursions while booking your safari.


Prehistoric Experience

Walk amongst dozens of dinosaurs that move, breathe, and can't wait for you to maybe get a little too close. This excursion is sure to be memorable and filled with plenty of oohs, ahs, and a yikes or two. 

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