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Guided Tour

Ride with us and learn about species from all over the world!

Experience the ultimate Safari Adventure Tour at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! Led by our knowledgeable and dedicated animal specialists, this guided trek offers a hands-on experience with incredible animals. Our Safari Adventure Trek Tours provide enhanced experiences, where guides share fun facts, management insights, and rich heritage, offering a fresh perspective on our African Safari, Texas Style. With a focus on species conservation, our Safari Adventure Trek allows you to learn more from our guides while riding in our custom-built Safari Rover or Safari Shuttle. Get ready for an unforgettable exploration!


Safari Shuttle

Experience the ultimate adventure at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch! Join our Safari Animal Rangers on a 75-minute guided trek, encountering fascinating animals. It's a journey of unforgettable fun and discovery!

Safari Shuttle Pricing:
$149.99 per party

General Admission is not included and required for entry into the park. Maximum 8 guests per tour.


Safari Rover

Got a group of 9 or more adventurers? Hop aboard a Safari Rover and get up close to 40 different species! Learn from an informative and entertaining Ranch Tour Guide and get ready for plenty of oohs and ahhs. 

Safari Rover Booking:

Contact our Tour Coordinator


Make your safari even better by adding one or more of these excursions!

You'll be able to select them while booking your safari.


Aviary Experience

The only thing better than seeing our birds is feeding them! Come inside with food on popsicle sticks that dozens of budgies look forward to enjoying. NOTE: Guests must be 3 years or older to enter the exhibit.

Excursion Pricing:
$5.00 for general admission ticket holders


Prehistoric Experience

Walk amongst dozens of dinosaurs that move, breathe, and can't wait for you to maybe get a little too close. This excursion is sure to be memorable and filled with plenty of oohs, ahs, and a yikes or two. 

Excursion Pricing:

$5.00 for general admission ticket holders 3+ years old

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