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Self-Guided Tour

A real safari in your vehicle at your pace.

Travel through the Safari Drive-Thru in the comfort of your own vehicle. Encounter over 40 species from around the world in this picturesque and historic 500-acre Texas Hill Country Safari Ranch. The safari trek spans over 6 miles, taking approximately 1-2 hours to complete. With admission, you can enjoy multiple trips through the safari, each offering unique adventures in the free-roaming environment. Feeding options are available upon entrance, and tickets can be purchased upon arrival. 

Ticket Pricing:

Adults 12+ years – $29.99

Children 3-11 years – $19.99


Make your safari even better by adding one or more of these excursions!

You'll be able to select them while booking your safari.


Aviary Experience

The only thing better than seeing our birds is feeding them! Come inside with food on popsicle sticks that dozens of budgies look forward to enjoying. NOTE: Guests must be 3 years or older to enter the exhibit.

Excursion Pricing:
$3.00 for general admission ticket holders


Prehistoric Experience

Walk amongst dozens of dinosaurs that move, breathe, and can't wait for you to maybe get a little too close. This excursion is sure to be memorable and filled with plenty of oohs, ahs, and a yikes or two. 

Excursion Pricing:

$5.00 for general admission ticket holders 3+ years old

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