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Rhino VIP Experience

Enjoy a safari tour AND a close encounter with our rhinos!

This tour is the private VIP Tour with the addition of the Rhino Experience.  A bonus to the already awesome experience of getting an up-close, personal experience with these gentle giants are also meeting big, baby Truda!  She has learned to push her way in to get shared attention from visitors who come for this amazing opportunity.  This is another species that is in need of conservation efforts and our guides appreciate the opportunity to share that with visitors as well.

Must be ages 3 and up to participate. 


Waivers are required to be filled out and signed to board our Safari vehicle. The link to the waiver will be included within your confirmation email to share with guests. Ages 18+ are required to submit their individual waivers. Parents/Guardians of children (3-17) will include the children on their waivers.


Rhino VIP Experience

This 120-minute tour gets you close to over 40 species on our 500-acre safari ranch. The experience includes food for the animals and a face-to-face encounter with our rhinos! 

Rhino Experience Pricing:
$229.99 per party

As your tour is reserved, your daily admission will be added when selecting number of guests (which is not included in your TOUR RESERVATION). VIP admission includes one-time admission to Aviary Experience and Prehistoric Experience. Maximum 8 guests per tour. 



Aviary Experience

The only thing better than seeing our birds is feeding them! Come inside with food on popsicle sticks that dozens of budgies look forward to enjoying. NOTE: Guests must be 3 years or older to enter the exhibit.

Excursion Pricing:
$5.00 per entry


Prehistoric Experience

Walk amongst dozens of dinosaurs that move, breathe, and can't wait for you to maybe get a little too close. This excursion is sure to be memorable and filled with plenty of oohs, ahs, and a yikes or two. 

Excursion Pricing:

$5.00 per entry (ages 3 and up)

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