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Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch Unveils New Prehistoric Experience

Section of safari ranch features 25 lifelike dinosaurs that move!

Just in time for one last excursion before going back to school, kids and adults alike can now go back in time at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (NBWR). 


NBWR proudly announces the opening of its new walk-through Prehistoric Experience. A large section of the 500-acre safari ranch now features 25 lifelike dinosaurs. Visitors will marvel at the size of a brontosaurus 20 feet tall and 40 feet long. Explorers may be more than wary of the 16-foot tall tyrannosaurus rex that moves and roars. A triceratops, raptors, and plenty of other friendly and less-than-friendly dinosaurs round out this spectacular experience. 


The dinosaurs breathe, blink their eyes, move their heads and tails, and make noises thanks to unique animatronic technology. Incredible attention to texture and colors gives the prehistoric creatures an authentic appearance sure to wow explorers of all ages.


“Dinosaurs have always sparked intrigue and curiosity in children,” said Tiffany Soechting, NBWR Marketing Director. “Seeing them lifesize is awe-inspiring. Watching them move and hearing them make noise is even better.”


To help kick off the Prehistoric Experience's opening, NBWR also features over 20 dragons with the same animatronic features as the dinosaurs. These beautiful creatures move their heads and tails and flap their wings. More than one of the dragons breathes smoke. 


Entrance to the now-open Prehistoric Experience is available as a $5 add-on to general admission tickets to NBWR.


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