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A Special You Can

Share with Someone Special


Enjoy a Private Valentine's Tour for two on February 14.

Looking for a wildly adventurous date with your valentine? Our Private Valentine's Tour is an exclusive, 120-minute VIP tour for two that begins with a Giraffe VIP Guided Tour Experience  – a personal encounter with our giraffes! You'll have the opportunity to get close to and even feed these majestic animals. 

Next, you'll enjoy a Guided Safari Tour that focuses on the birds and bees of the animal world. Your Safari Animal Ranger will teach you about the many languages of love in the animal world like rutting, estrus, chirping, booming, and more. 

Your safari also includes a snuggly giraffe stuffed animal, a box of assorted homemade fudge, a bottle of wine or sparkling grape juice cocktail, two custom souvenir wine glasses, a heart-shaped bamboo charcuterie board filled with cheeses, meats, and crackers, and a fleece blanket for a picnic among the sights and sounds of Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.

Tour Date:

Wednesday, February 14

Tour Pricing:
$499.99 per couple and includes everything listed above! 

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