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Teacher's Prompt: Waterbuck Theory

It’s Wildlife Writing Wednesday, and we’ve compiled some additional information for you as the instructor in case:

  • you want to offer any introductory discussion for your students before releasing the prompt to them

  • it is helpful for you in your evaluation/understanding

  • this understanding helps you to alter the prompt for grade level

The picture for this week’s prompt is a picture of a Waterbuck. The Waterbuck is an antelope species that originates from Africa. It gets its name from its special skin glands that secrete an oil, which emits a musky odor and waterproofs its hair.


One of the Waterbuck's physical characteristics that makes it easy to identify is the white circle pattern on both males' and females' rumps. Some scientists believe in a theory that the circle helps these animals to identify each other and stay together or follow each other. Do you believe this theory? Why or why not?


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