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Fancy Coat Series: STRIPES

Let's talk about animal stripes!

[Have students discuss things that are striped - things in the room or things in general.]

In the video below, explore footage of Zebra, Nyala, Bongo, Kudu and Springbok species.

Students may discuss how the animals use their stripes for camouflage:

  • Zebras are able to use their stripes as they 'swarm' to create confusion for predators.

  • The Kudu in the video were harder to see as they escaped through the trees, which had branches that were hard to differentiate from their stripes.

  • The Springbok's horizontal stripe makes it blend into the horizon.

Students may discuss the species' stripes and how they compare:

  • Every Zebra's striping pattern is unique, just like human fingerprints.

  • The Nyala, Bongo and Kudu all have primarily vertical striping patterns.

  • The Springbok has one horizontal dark stripe down its side.

Click here to download a worksheet to accompany your stripes video/discussion.

Click here to download a worksheet key.

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