Natural Bridge Widlife Ranch (NBWR) specializes in opportunities for up-close-and-personal safari experiences. It is our greatest honor to offer safari experiences that may even give adventurers a more intimate experience than an authentic African Safari trip. Our all-new Safari Adventure tours take that opportunity to a whole new level.


Safari Adventure tours will offer visitors a guided tour on NBWR's Safari Adventure Trek. Our official adventure guides will offer fun and interesting facts about our animals, management and our heritage to give you a whole new perspective on our African Safari, Texas-Style. Our Safari Adventure Trek provides a venue for explorers to learn more from our guides. 
While NBWR works to conserve all the animal species that call our Family Land Heritage Property home,  it has a special affinity for giraffes and working toward a solution for the plight its wild population faces. Our Safari Adventurers will have a huge impact on our efforts in learning more to help offer solutions to solve key problems and spread awareness for existing problems species face.