We have embarked on quite a journey for the protection and preservation of giraffe, an animal for which we have a strong affinity. See our conservation efforts explained in the posts below. ​

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Helping Save The Giraffes

MISSION: To guarantee that giraffes are protected and preserved in their natural habitats. 

VISION: To support conservation research and education programs that strive to ensure the survival of giraffes and their ecosystems for future generations. 

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Last of the Longnecks

Last of the Longnecks highlights giraffe's plight in the wild. During the making of this film, many industry leaders and partners were connected for giraffe's benefit. The film was used for NatGeoWild's Walking With Giraffes

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A Love Affair With Long Necks

Anne Innis Dagg has dedicated her life to the study of giraffes. She said the most intimate experience she has ever had with the species was when she met Buddy during her Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch visit. 

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Global Authority Classifies Giraffe As Vulnerable Species

In 2016, Giraffa camelopardalis was reclassifed as Vulnerable to endangerment and extinction on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. This action was crucial for awareness.  Click here for more.

Twins' Birth Inspires Journey

The ninth known set of Reticulated Giraffe twins were born at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. An incredible journey began with their births.  Click here for more.

NBWR Team Travels to Africa to Help Shrinking Populations

Inspired by the success of Last of the Longnecks, and concerned for the well-being of the wild giraffe population, the team pressed on. The sequel, Catching Giants, shows footage of a South African Research Expedition. On the expedition, the team made the first-ever successful capture of a wild male giraffe. Data collections were made for blood, hair, hooves, the first-ever wild giraffe semen, and more.  Click here for more.

Giraffe Ambassador Program Connects Texas Giraffes With Wild Giraffes

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch's Educational Adventures program, Giraffe Ambassadors, taught participants about the dangerously declining wild giraffe population. Participants now serve as great advocates for the species, and the tuition raised funded parts of the South African Research Expedition.  Click here for more.

Texas Giraffe Day

May 10, 2016 was the first Texas Giraffe Day.  Click here for more.