Safari Trading Post

Our Safari Trading Post is a nature-oriented gift store located in the Walk-A-Bout. From t-shirts to adorable plush friends and Safari-specific souvenirs to unique conservation-supportive items for your home — there is something for everyone!

Safari Camp Grill

Our Safari Camp Grill is serving up some seriously good eats! For the visitor who needs just a spurt of energy all the way to the Safari-sized appetite — we can tame them all!

In the Walk-A-Bout, the Grill is located perfectly for adventurers to visit before and/or after their Drive-Thru experience.


Safari Sweet Spot

The Safari Sweet Spot is located about half way 

through the Safari Drive-Thru route in the Tower Creek pasture. 

Here, visitors can make a scenic pit stop for a photo-op, a chance to stretch your legs, observe our Tower Creek Giraffe herd, and grab a snack to help make it through the rest of their adventure.