There is an explorer in all of us. Grab your safari hat and take an African Safari, Texas-Style through our 450-acre scenic hill country ranch where you can witness over 500 exotic and native animal species interact in a free-roaming environment.


The safari trek covers 4 miles and takes most visitors 1-2 hours to meander and enjoy. With ranch admission, visitors can take multiple treks—which is highly encouraged--as every trip through the ranch is a different adventure. One-part education, one-part preservation; mixing it up for a day full of fun and adventure.


After your trek, park and enjoy the ranch’s Walk-A-Bout. The giraffe barn is front and center, allowing visitors the chance to get up close to the giraffe environment. Visitors also will find The Trading Post gift shop and Safari Camp Grill. Walk over to Lemur Island, the habitat of the Ring-tailed Lemurs that are native of Madagascar. Peacocks, Peahens and their offspring roam freely, showcasing their beautiful eye-spotted tail feathers. They know their beauty and will pose for photos.




Our Safari Trading Post is a nature-oriented gift store located in the Walk-A-Bout. From t-shirts to adorable plush friends and Safari-specific souvenirs to unique conservation-supportive items for your home — there is something for everyone!

Our Safari Camp Grill is serving up some seriously good eats! For the visitor who needs just a spurt of energy all the way to the Safari-sized appetite — we can tame them all!

In the Walk-A-Bout, the Grill is located perfectly for adventurers to visit before and/or after their Drive-Thru experience.

The Safari Sweet Spot is located about half way 

through the Safari Drive-Thru route in the Tower Creek pasture. 

Here, visitors can make a scenic pit stop for a photo-op, a chance to stretch your legs, observe our Tower Creek Giraffe herd, and grab a snack to help make it through the rest of their adventure.

[Wheel-chair accessible] restrooms available in each of our on-site facilities.

We love animals, but for the safety of your animal and ours, OUTSIDE ANIMALS INCLUDING PETS AND SERVICE ANIMALS ARE NOT ALLOWED. "At a zoo, service animals can be restricted from areas where the animals on display are the natural prey or natural predators of dogs, where the presence of a dog would be disruptive, causing the displayed animals to behave aggressively or become agitated." For full explanation from United States Department of Justice, visit www.ada.gov. Click here for answers to more frequently-asked questions.

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