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San Antonio — Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (NBWR) encourages everyone to stretch out your summer with a visit to the Ranch, which may provide an opportunity to see the 37th giraffe born at the Ranch in 35 years of African Safari, Texas Style. 


​NBWR celebrated its 35th anniversary on June 1. Twenty four days later, Beverly was born. Beverly is the 37th giraffe to be born at the Ranch. She gets her name from one of the Ranch's first employees who worked until retirement. 


​Beverly lives in the giraffe barnyards located in NBWR's Walk-A-Bout portion of the Ranch. NBWR admission includes access for visitors to drive through the Safari as many times as they'd like before they exit the main gates. Admission is inclusive of free parking for visitors to visit the Walk-A-Bout as well. ​​​​

"We are very blessed with numerous offspring, which makes us very active giraffe conservationists," said NBWR Animal Care Director Tiffany Soechting, who helped co-found Save The Giraffes 501(c)(3) in 2017 to preserve and protect giraffes in the natural habitats. 


​Soechting was part of a team from NBWR that participated in field study research in South Africa that proved to be ground-breaking with sample collection of giraffe hair, stool, blood, semen for the first time, and more. (Click here to learn more.)

"Each giraffe birth offers validation to the work we're doing," Soechting said, "and also serves as a direct contribution to impacting [giraffes'] population worldwide."

Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (NBWR) is an African Safari, only Texas Style. Since 1984, 450 acres of rolling hills, creek beds, and magnificent oak trees that make up the Safari Drive-Thru in the scenic Texas Hill Country has been open to the public. Over 500 animals representing over 45 species have made the Ranch a safe home-away-from-home. NBWR also features a Walk-A-Bout area with primate species, a Petting Barn, the Safari Camp Grill, the Safari Sweet Spot, and the Safari Trading Post gift shop. Our Family Land Heritage Property, recognized and certified by the State of Texas for being used for agriculture by the same family for over 100 years, is proudly diversified over generations into a source of education and conservation of endangered and threatened species.