Cars lining up to get into Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch

9 Tips to Make Your Spring Break Trip the Best

Spring Break runs March 11-19 and is one of the busiest stay-cation and travel holidays in Texas. Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch (NBWR) wants to ensure the best safari adventure experience for each of its visitors during their spring break trip. Check out the Safari tips below before embarking on your adventure.

Here are a few Safari tips for your Spring Break 2017 adventure:

  1. Plan ahead.  Get information on admission, rules and fun things to do once you enter the ranch.  Spring at NBWR means birth, bloom and growth. The grass is greener, wildflowers are dotting the landscape, and baby oryx, antelope, and giraffe are frolicking the pastures.As their animal family grows, so do the number of visitors who want to experience a wild safari, Texas style. During spring break, the ranch welcomes thousands of families through its gates.
  2. Come early. Come late. We open at 9 a.m. and close at 6 pm. Midday crowds are the largest.
  3. Fill the gas tank before arrival. 
Wait times to enter range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. You don’t want to run out of gas before your Safari begins.
  4. Make a rest stop before you arrive. Upon entering the ranch, restrooms are conveniently located in the Safari Camp Grill and Safari Trading Post gift shop.
  5. The 4-mile drive through the ranch can take approximately 2 hours or more during peak periods. Guests can drive through the ranch as many times as desired.
  6. Bring snacks and drinks for the vehicle. Longer wait times mean hungrier bellies.
  7. Take your time. Before or after your drive through, explore the Walk-A-Bout, Safari Camp Grill, Petting Barnyard and the Safari Trading Post gift shop.  The ‘Walk-A-Bout’ is a great place to stretch your legs, watch the Ring-tailed Lemurs on Lemur Island and the fun antics of Gibbons, primates with an amazing howl and long, tree-swinging arms.
  8. Safari Camp Grill—inside the gates—offers cool drinks and tasty snacks and meals.
  9. We love animals. But please leave the family pets at home. It’s for their safety and the safety of our wild animals.