The Inspiration: Last of the Longnecks

The Inspiration:

After almost 4 years of researching, planning, filming, and editing, the documentary Last of the Longnecks was invited to Washington DC’s Carnegie Institution of Science where it made its premiere at the Washington DC Environmental Film Festival.

When the world’s ninth recorded set of living giraffe twins were born at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Ashley Davison was asked to go out and film their first moments of life. That was the footage that was seen in news stories all around the world, including Good Morning America, CNN, and FOX News. The amazing interest brought about research that led to the alarming news of the true devastating plight of wild giraffes in Africa, despite the global classification by the renowned IUCN as ‘least concern’.

The DCEFF hosted a post presentation panel with Director, Ashley Davison, Producer, Catherine Land, and Animal Specialist of Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch, Tiffany Soechting. The festival also brought Dr. Francois Deacon to the US for the second time in his life and even invited him to the stage to join the panel after discussions began. During his first trip to the US in 2015, he spoke at Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch to a group of giraffe caretakers.
Overall, the film was well-received by a crowded theater and attendees brought forth very insightful questions to the panel.