A Love Affair with Long Necks

Anne Dagg releases new book Smitten By Giraffe

Famed zoologist Anne Dagg’s experience with Buddy, on the inaugural World Giraffe Day in June 2013, was an emotional interaction and one that brought tears to her eyes.  She marked it as the most intimate experience she has had with the species that she has devoted over 70 years of her life.  Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch was honored to host Dagg as part of their distinguished lecture series, providing an opportunity for her to meet and interact with not only Buddy, but also caregivers of giraffes from across the State of Texas.

The photo of Dagg & Buddy graces the cover of her new book, Smitten By Giraffe, a memoir of her life as a citizen scientist.  Her book can be found at  Amazon.com.


She blazed a trail to Africa as a zoologist in her 20’s to pursue her life’s love:  giraffe.  She was the first person in the world to extensively study giraffe in their natural habitat.  As a zoologist, professor and author, she has been an advocate for sustaining the habitat of these gentle giants for over 50 years.  With wild giraffe populations being in such dire peril, her legacy is an inspiration.
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